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Italian Literature Donation Drive
The state of Italian American and Italian immigration literature in our public libraries and schools is saddening. The initial goal is to get the Brooklyn Public Library (which is the fifth largest public library in America) to have 100 new copies of Italian literature in circulation by year's end. Based on the success of this initial step, efforts will then be put into improving library and school systems nationwide.

Why the Brooklyn Public Library?
-It is the fifth largest library system in the country
-The area is home to many Italian/ Italian American communities
-To date, the Brooklyn Public Library has just 11 copies of books in circulation about the Italian immigration experience and identity. With 60 branches, that is approximately 1 book for every 6 branches in Brooklyn, New York

Donating is easy! Use our Amazon "wishlist" below to browse and donate with just a few clicks!
Thanks for the support!

Mailing Address:
All book donations can be sent to :
ItalianAware (attn: Greg)
10-18 50th Avenue
Long Island City, NY 11101