Italian stereotypes, The Sopranos  


We get tons of suggestions here at ItalianAware, and we love it. One of the bigger questions the site gets is “What about The Sopranos?”

The fact is- its complicated with The Sopranos. I've tried to approach it the same way I approached other topics, like The Godfather and Goodfellas. The truth is, that logic doesn't hold true for the show. The show actually portrayed Italians in all fields of work, including doctors, priests, lawyers, teachers, FBI get the point. It wasn't as bad as other portrayals of Italians- it was quite balanced.

But, of course- there is a downside. The downside to all of this is, no one cared about the ethnic backgrounds of the secondary cast members. No one cared that the FBI agents were Italian, or that Uncle Junior's doctor was Italian- all they saw was Tony Soprano and The Soprano crime family.

Given the show's massive appeal and success, it would follow that it fits into The Godfather model of Italian stereotypes. Was it a fine production and a classic, yes. Did it do untold amounts of damage to the Italian image and reputation- unfortunately, yes. We've covered what The Godfather did to Italians and we're sure that studies in the future will cite The Sopranos as a major factor in the propagation of Italian stereotypes for the new generation.