Verizon's popular “Can you hear me now” commercials spawned the “Calorio” commercial. There were several complaints about the commercial from Italian organizations.

Any one who watches the commercial can tell you it is playing on Italian stereotypes subtly. First, we take the family name- Calorio. Couple that with:

A thick Brooklyn accent

Men in track suits and wearing pinky rings and thick gold chains

A reference to a non-blood “Uncle” who is a “keeper because he doesn't owe me money”

Italian foods being served at the barbeque

Typical Italian hand gestures

The good news is Verizon pulled the ad after Italian organizations complained. The bad news is there is no answer as to why Italian characters have to be portrayed stereotypically. Why couldn't they be the Calorios without the stereotypes? The sad truth is, Italian stereotypes sell while other group's stereotypes cause backlash. If you learn anything from this it is that complaining will be heard by these corporations that pull these stunts time and time again