My Big Friggin Wedding Italian Stereotypes  

My Big Friggin' Wedding on VH1 is now my big friggin' headache. Of course, it was made from the creators of Jersey Shore, who apparently think a cultured Italian is like a unicorn- pleasant to dream about, but ultimately non-existent.

On the show, 2 couples are full Italian, and 2 couples are half Italian. So, 4 out of 5 couples deal with the Italian community- and they do so in the most stereotypical ways imaginable.

A prime example of the stereotypes on display is the first couple- Johnny “Meatballs” and Megin.

For anyone who doesn't think Johnny “Meatballs” is stereotypical:




I don't know what's worse, the fact that he sang a "meatball song" in what is the most stereotypical Italian accent ever,  or that one of the lyrics is "I take a lot of pride in my balls." He responded to critics of My Big Friggin Wedding by saying he brings "more to the table" than 15 minutes of fame. Sure he does.

These stereotypes are on full display in every episode of the show. Italian American organizations were outraged, and yet nothing was done. How, after all of the backlash that Jersey Shore caused, can the same team get away with making the same stereotypical show?

The icing on the cake? SallyAnn Salsano is the executive producer of "My Big"... just another example of Italians selling out fellow Italians for a quick buck. 

We covered My Big Friggin Wedding in much more detail on our blog, in a two part series. Check out the full write up, and tell us what you think!