Italian Stereotypes- TV & Movies


Jersey Shore is king of the hill- for Italian stereotypes in the media. many thought were long dead including the now infamous "guido" slur. ItalianAware was one of the first organizations to tackle the issue of Jersey Shore and Guido... (see more)


Real Housewives of New Jersey took to a whole new level. It can thank housewife Teresa Giudice, who throws fists and tables at people and says, "I'm Italian, its what we do." ( see more and view video)


This show probably could have made this list based solely on the fact that one of the main characters was "Johnny Meatballs." His profession? meatball maker. He dances and sings about being Italian and making meatballs. He possesses every other Italian stereotype known to man... (see more and view video)


It is literally the "Godfather" (slight pun intended) of Italian/Jersey stereotypes. When The Sopranos came out, we all knew Italians and crime had moved to the 'burbs. The Sopranos also reignited interest in Italian Mafia "culture" for a whole new generation- and causing a great degree of damage to our image...(see more)


People may say that the Godfather isn't about Italians, per se. That, if you ignore the Italian part it reads like a Greek tragedy. But, if you don't ignore the Italian part, you'll realize that The Godfather single-handedly destroyed the Italian image in the media (see more and view the study)


Verizon figured it would spice up the "can you hear me now" commercials by having an Italian family introduced to Verizon's wonderful plans. Watch as the stereotypes unfold...(see more)


Our first write up on the history of an Italian stereotype. Here, we focused on the stereotype of stupidity which took hold in the media in the 1970's and hasn't let go since. This stereotype has hijacked many beloved series and characters...(see more)


Radio stereotypes are hard to reack and verify. Fortunately, some shows keep detailed transcripts of each show. Here are some of the worst offenders (see more)






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