Roman Aqueduct Segovia  


While the aqueduct has survived nearly 2,000 years, its history has not. We are literally in the dark as to who ordered its construction, in what year and why. Researchers estimate its construction to be in either the 1st or 2nd century A.D. In fact, little is known about Roman Segovia- except that it was a place where many Roman soldiers stayed after their service in the army. The aqueduct is such a prominent feature in Segovia that it has been incorporated into the city's Coat of Arms.

A recurring theme in all of these aqueducts, the Segovia aqueduct functioned well into the 20th century- a true modern marvel. Unfortunately, the largest threat to this Roman aqueduct's survival is modern day apathy. No modern plan has been developed to restore it and sections of it are rapidly decaying.













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